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Improve your skating,
improve your game.

Fast starts, instant stops, tight turns, the power to outstride the competition—you need them all.

Power Plus Hockey Skating will help you develop the power, drive, and stamina to be the best hockey player you can be. This proven program of power skating skills works with each player's body mechanics to bring out his or her best level of skating performance. As you work from hockey skating fundamentals through to more advanced hockey skating techniques, you will be shown exactly how to get maximum performance on the ice.

Players and teams can choose from three proven training methods:

The Power Plus system of progressive drills helps improve every aspect of your hockey skating performance—technique, speed, power, and agility. Special conditioning drills further increase strength, power, and stamina.

Get the most from your game. Power Plus shows you how to unlock your abilities and become the best skater you can be. Want hockey-specific skating and skills training that ramps up your game? Find out more about our proven power skating program.

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Hudson Foley
Hudson Foley
Bantam AA Storm

"...could not have happened without you....


Thank you so much for all of the time you have spent with Hudson over the last 3 years. Not only have you helped him improve every aspect of his game drastically, mentally he now believes he can accomplish anything.

Reaching his goal of playing in the Alberta Propects Cup could not have happened without you. You are a great teacher and motivator.

Thanks again,
Jennifer Foley

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